We create bands and put on epic shows

Let us help you create a band during our popular 8- to 10-week sessions. Bird’s experienced instructors mentor bands through every step from choosing a name to learning and arranging songs, building towards performing live in front of an audience at our epic end-of-session concerts.

We provide group supervision, musical instruction, rehearsal techniques, song-writing skills and instruction in stage presence. Learn what it takes from actual performing musicians. Plus, Bird bands have access to the equipment and supervision to record audio and create music videos in our state-of-the-art recording studio.

We serve students of all ages, including adult bands that practice during their lunch hour and in the evenings.

Your band session signup includes:

  • Weekly lesson for your band (60 or 90 minutes, available Monday-Saturday)
  • Dress rehearsal and pizza party
  • Band photo shoot (check out our alumni photos!)
  • Live concert



Fine Print:

  • This schedule of classes is subject to change and is dependent upon sufficient numbers of students. Time slots are available on first-come, first-served basis. Band prices are per student. Sessions run 8-10 weeks in length depending on students’ regular school year calendar.
  • For complete information on our payment and cancellation policy, absences and more, see our student handbook.

We would love to get you or your child into a band with other students. To make sure the pairings are the best they could possibly be, please answer and submit this questionnaire:

Session I: Elton John 9 Weeks
Dates: September 4, 2023-November 5, 2023
Dress Rehearsal: November 3, 2023
Performance: November 5, 2023

– Labor Day 9/4/23

Session II: Punk Rock, 10 Weeks
Dates: November 6, 2023-January 28, 2024
Dress Rehearsal: January 26, 2024
Performance: January 28, 2024

– Thanksgiving, 11/23/23-11/25/23
– Winter Break, 12/21/23-1/2/24

Session III: Paul Simon & Garfunkel, 8 Weeks
Dates: January 29-March 31, 2024
Dress Rehearsal: March 29, 2024
Performance: March 31, 2024

– Mid-Winter Break, 2/19/24-2/23/24

Session IV: Open Choice, 9 Weeks
Dates: April 1-June 9, 2024
Dress Rehearsal: June 7, 2024
Performance: June 9, 2024

– Spring Break, 4/8-4/12/24

Bands record in our state-of-the-art studio. Visit the Bird Records website to learn more.