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How to create an account and sign up for Bird offerings

Thank you for your interest in Bird School of Music and Bird Records. To register for a class or clinic, please feel free to directly book through links below. For any questions about how to register, or how to choose instructors, classes, programs or instruments—heck, anything music related at all—please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at or 415.441.3551.

View/Manage Your Schedule

Simply sign into your MindBody account via the MindBody App, our site portal, or our MindBody online storefront to check your past and future bookings.

Make Payments Online

When you make a lesson appointment or join a class, MindBody will direct you to make payment on the service in that moment allowing you to be totally prepared and focused when you come into the Bird Studio.

Explore and Join Classes

We have a number of offerings for different ages, experience, & instruments, and we would love for you to explore all that we have to offer at Bird. Read More

Register Here

All that’s left is to make an account and join us, so what are you waiting for – click on the link below and get started!!

Registering Your Dependent at Bird

We know that for various reasons, data security, login management, creating a username and password for potentially multiple children, and so on, you may prefer to not to create a completely unique login for your child.

We understand this, and we have options on how you register your child to address these concerns. We can also adjust the management style of your child’s account as your needs change.

Self-Contained Profile

An independent child account is a fully functioning profile for your child with a unique login/password combination.

Benefits of an independent child account:

  • Quick and easy to view your child’s schedule
  • Allows you to book classes and make payments from any MindBody web-portal for your child

Dependent Profile

A dependent child profile is a profile associated with a parent MindBody account, so it does not have a unique username/password combination

Benefits of a dependent child profile:

  • One username/password combination for all family members
  • Allows guardians to book services for multiple children and have a central account to manage and monitor payments

Registering Your Dependent

To create an independent child profile:

  • Please click on the link labeled “Login | Register”
  • Select “Create Account”
  • Fill out the questionnaire with child’s information and hit “Create Account”

To create a dependent child profile:

  • If you do not have a MindBody Account, follow the above directions, but with your information rather than your child’s
  • If/Once you have a MindBody Account, follow this link, and login with your MindBody Credentials
  • Once logged in you will be directed to your account page on our MindBody storefront where you can add family members in the rightmost column

Sign Up Via Phone/Email

We would love to hear from you about your interest in studying here at Bird, and help you find the best instructor pairing for your musical goals. While we offer online booking, these are the types of lessons that require coordination via email or phone to book:

  • Any reoccurring lesson appointment
  • Lessons for non-rhythm section instruments (drums, guitar, bass, keyboard/piano)

Sign Up Online

While we still recommend reaching out to us to help find the best instructor for you, we understand that having the option to pick up a lesson here and there is incredibly valuable to different clients’ schedule. There are some lessons that we need to schedule the traditional way, but these are the types of lessons that can be booked online:

  • Non-reoccurring lessons from 3-days to 2-weeks into the future
  • Lessons for rhythm section instruments plus ukulele

Open-Enroll/Drop In Classes

These classes are ongoing classes that run on a weekly schedule and are open to drop in students. Due to the open nature of the class, each week is unique and self-contained experience. Classes in this category:

  • Early Bird
  • New Musical Voyagers
  • Second Line Saturdays

Limited-Enrollment Classes

These classes are limited run classes that run on a weekly schedule are not open to drop in students and culminate with a performance at the end of the class duration. Due to the culminating performance at the end, each week will build upon the previous. Classes in this category:

  • Bird Band Sessions
  • Group Ukulele, Keyboard/Piano, Guitar & Drums

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