Jesse Garcia

My name is Jesse Garcia. I was adopted from Korea and grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I’m a student and teacher of music, striving to forge connections through vibration. I am fortunate to have studied, taught, and performed music from a young age, on multiple instruments such as piano, cello marimba and guitar. I started learning Zimbabwean marimba when I was 11 and began teaching classes on my own at 14. My band, Andé Marimba, toured every summer for years, and was featured at many small music festivals.

African music is passed on as experiential-learning. I believe this approach creates a self-empowered foundation built on “feel” and “groove.” I engage this way with all the instruments I teach: guitar, piano/keyboard, bass, and ukulele. This has nurtured a diverse musical-intuition which has aided me greatly in creating music of my own. Through songwriting I discover new conversations to be had in myself, and I hope to inspire others to open dialogue within themselves as well.