Bird On-site Lessons for Burke's

Let Bird come to you!

Welcome to after-school lessons and classes with Bird School Of Music in partnership with Katherine Delmar Burke School.  Here you can find answers to your questions about your child’s after-school instruction with Bird, get access to materials and get in touch with your student’s teacher.

What will my child learn in these lessons?
Your child will be learning the fundamentals of music as well as methods provided from the books we work from. We start by teaching the basics for the instrument they are learning as well as trying to instill the creativity and fun that comes with making music!

What should I expect from this class?
You should expect your child to come out of these classes with a strong musical foundation in whichever instrument they are learning, provided they are coming to lessons every week and practicing at home.

How much should my child practice each week?
Ideally your child should practice at least a few minutes a day, everyday. Practicing 10-15 minutes a day is ideal.

What materials do we need?
Our teachers will be working from books we use here at Bird. We highly recommend that you purchase the book your child will be working from so  they can go over it and practice at home. Books can be purchased here (click “Products”). They will also need a notebook for the teacher to write notes and homework for the student.

Where can I find my child’s homework?
If your child has a notebook with them for their lessons the teacher can provide notes on what they worked on as well as homework for the week, or what they should practice for the next lesson.

Is an instrument provided?
Instruments are provided for use at the school. Although we do not have instruments available for rent from the school or from Bird, San Francisco has many music stores that provide rentals. If you don’t want to rent or buy the instrument, there are iPad apps that can work for practice at home. (This is especially applicable to piano.)

How often do the lessons take place?
Your child will have one 30-minute lesson a week.

What if we need to cancel a lesson/are out sick?
If you need to cancel please let the Enrichment Coordinator know as soon as possible. The more notice you can give is very helpful for the coordinators and our teachers.

What do lessons cost?
Please contact your school’s coordinator to determine the cost for your student to participate.

How do I schedule a lesson?
Please contact your school’s coordinator to schedule lessons.

Hey! Perhaps you have questions for us or your child’s teacher, if so please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.